Tuesday, January 16, 2007

How many stone do you weigh?

When I first arrive in England, my first objective was to find a gym. I knew that it was going to take a while to get our bikes, so I needed a gym to get some exercise. I found one about three miles from our house (yippee) so the fact that I had no car during the day did not matter. I could ride my borrowed bike to the gym!

On my first visit, I immediately noticed weight conversion tables on all the walls next to the machines that asked for your weight. The machines measured in pounds, so it was easy for me, but England measured weight in kilograms and stone. The chart read 1 stone = 6.35 kilograms = 14 pounds. The chart went on to show what various weight equalled in stone and kilograms so that people could punch in their appropriate weight into the machine. I decided that kilograms were the way to go. The number you had to look at was not very high and it did not bring visions of large stone tablets stacked on one side of a scale.

Since I have been optimistically guessing my weight since we arrived, I bought a scale a few days ago. I had a feeling that my lack of careful eating was going to be shown in the numbers, but I still had hope as I stepped on the scale that my intuition was wrong. My optimism hovered as I looked down at the number. It, of course, showed my weight in kilograms. The number looked OK as I tried to do the math in my head. "Is it 2.1 kilograms to the pound?" My disappointment sank in when I made the conversion on my computer. However, my optimism made one last appeal tossing out the thought that maybe the scale was wrong.

As I looked back on my first few months here in England, I feel like I can hardly be blamed for my weight gain. The English are not renowned for featuring fresh, vegetables in their prepared meals. What they do well at is comfort food. This is understandable considering the days are usually gray, wet and cool. This is a perfect environment for bangers and mash, fish and chips (fries), steak and chips, and steak and kidney pie. All of it served with beer. I am only trying to adapt to my surroundings and not look like a foreigner. This mentality has, unfortunately, brought me to my current spot on the scale. "No more mash! No more chips! No more beer!" Visions of Stonehenge dance in my head. It is time to get the chisel out and start chipping away at those "stones".


BBroed said...

Hey Deary,
Thanks for the email, luv. Listen, don't worry about Stone or Mincemeat Pies. Enjoy....sorry we're taking Becks away from you blokes, though.

Really though, I wanna thank you for saying my blog has been inspirational. That is how I mean it, in some convoluted way; not to reveal my self-centeredness (or lack thereof).

Tell my little Kensington-Cambridge Family 'hey!'....

G'MJ said...

you went over scaled back quite a bit - you'll take care of that part of a stone in no time with those saturday rides

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